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Who are we?

Proven Track Record of Excellence In Match Making

Matrimonial GURUS Is A Leading Matrimonial and Matchmaking Services Company That Sets Out To Re-Define Matrimony In India. Our Personalized Services Will Bring Back The Old-Fashioned Way Of Personalized Matchmaking That Will Be Purely Based On Compatibility, In A One-On-One Setting.

We Have A Very Stringent And Personalized Screening Process To Hand–Pick Our Clients, Based On Criteria Such As Family Background, Academic And Professional Qualifications, Education, Interests, Matrimonial profile And Much More for Indian Wedding.

In the era of social media where everyone is busy in their mobile phones 24/7 we at Matrimonial GURUS connect families from all around the world. We fulfil the needs of today’s eligible singles that are searching for convenient and effective ways to meet with prospective partners. 

We use the latest and the most technologies available in the online environment to provide members with fast, relevant and best matching Services result.

Why Matrimonial GURUS?

● Reliable and Confidential services
● Leaving No-Stone-Unturned in Bringing You the Right Match
● Dedicated Attention and Personalised Support for Every Case
● Helping You and Your Would-Be Partner Connect Emotionally With Each Other

Marriage is an eternal bond. It isn’t just a celebration, but a decision that will complement your entire life to come. Since ancient times, marriages have been consummated in India by involving each and every member of a family. A very valued Indian trend which shall remain for centuries to come!

At Matrimonial GURUS, we try to make ourselves a helping associate to you and your family, so we can acquire your moral and intellectual permission to find the ideal partner for you. Our attachment with our prospects is not just limited to monetary and experiential conjunction. Rather, we ensure that the bonds we help create last happily forever. Following our Indian values, we strongly believe that culminating wedding bonds is an act of sanctity.

Some Reasons to Chose Us


Our experienced team will handle all your communication between prospective match on behalf of you.


One-on-one meeting with your Matchmaker for your in-person Best Match Interview and Personality Assessment.


We are so much sure that we will be able to provide you good number of elite matches as per your requirements.


Our Client privacy is our top priority. Their information are highly confidential & we never make them public.


Our team

Monica Sukhija


Monica Sukhija


Monica Sukhija


Monica Sukhija


Are looking for a job or want to intern with us?

If you want to work in the matrimonial industry or you are a student and want to intern with us then send your resume at [email protected].

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